The process of incorporation started with the academic research of plant-based biological nanoparticle synthesis. After the process was proven to yield nanoparticles with highly effective antimicrobial and disinfectant properties, the founders began investigating replacing currently commonly used chemicals with the biological nanoparticles to create eco-friendly products.

The focused was on developing high quality, easy to apply nanomaterials for health, energy, food, defense and many other industries, through various applications. Resultant is a patented product:

100% Biological

Completely biological nanoparticles disinfectant and hygiene solutions.


Chemicals Free

Green, vegan, non-alcohol solutions.


Non Toxic

Eco-friendly, no hazardous effects on humans, environment and life forms.



Nanoksia Biocidal Certification

Nanoksia certification is secured from The Ministry of Health for PT-2 and PT-4 used for the disinfection of surfaces, equipment, and disinfection associated with the production of food.

As a certified PT-4 Biocidal Type product, Nanoksia is the perfect solution for disinfecting; equipment, containers, kitchen utensils, surfaces, or pipework associated with the production, transport, storage or consumption of food, or feed (including drinking water) for humans, and animals in food production sites.